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We defy convention and genre, preferring to ignore the latest trends and instead explore the more esoteric portals of dark chill, downtempo and electronica. Hopefully that doesn't sound too pretentious - but when you listen to our tracks, you might agree; our 'genre' is hard to define.  Our sound has a healthy dose of old school vibes, but with enough of a twist to produce something original and interesting.

We came together properly as a group in 2020 to escape the tedium of lockdown and as a conscious effort to reconnect with old friends who were once musical collaborators.  Now scattered over two continents, three countries: England, USA and Spain our sessions together reinforced our shared love of stoned baked pizza, complex LogicPro screen shares and the need to make tracks that are provocative, empathetic and reflect our collective life experiences, together and apart.


Jezz put together the project CellarHouse 2019 writing most of the material during that year, over the next two years we spent countless hours in and out of our respective studios recording our debut album Hard Times, remixing tracks for others and playing the occasional gig in the metaverse.

We're not great at social media - but you're welcome to get involved and help spread the word (we don't do Facebook) and we don't gig in the real world. We're more comfortable in the shadows, value our music as artistic expressions and seek neither fame nor fortune (does anybody still expect to make a living from the corrupt cartel formerly known as the music industry??) We love the Meta as a platform to explore new ideas, and showcase our ideas - our favourite places to hang out are Decentraland, Roblox and Horizons.

We speak our mind, tell our own truths, and we're not afraid to make statements within our tracks, which challenge and provoke debate. So join us on our discreet journey. For those who like their electronica and downtempo on the dark side. Our music feature driving synths, simple beats and orchestral textures which are incredibly powerful and exhilarating. Performing at a metaverse near you

Thank you for your time. Spare a moment to spread the word?

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Current line-up

Jezz:  keys & production, Fahia & BJ: vocals, Manuel & Ted: sax & horns