[pro-single word: sell-er-house]

For those who like their electronica and downtempo on the dark side.

Cellarhouse : electronic downtempo band from Norwich (UK), New York and Northern Spain.  Cellarhouse produce dark electronica that features driving synths, simple beats and orchestral textures which are incredibly powerful and exhilarating. Formed during the pandemic of 2020 they have, to date, released seven EP's and one celebrated album: Hard Times. Cellarhouse’s debut album builds on their success with the underground alternative-EDM scene. They’re a four-piece band with members from all corners of the world: New York, Norwich (UK) Northern Spain and Brazil.  They describe their sound as downtempo electro-chill with an undercurrent of menace, think Jakatta with overtones of darkest Depeche Mode coupled with a 90’s kick-back from the alt. EDM scene. Hard Times delivers eleven down-tempo tracks that express themselves as tales of angst, love and twisted feelings.  Pretty apt for the jilted generation. All music available via BandCamp or through all major music retailers.

Cellarhouse perform virtually in the meta. Join us