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Dark Light

The Urban Mods        

the drum and bass mix

Their last full release was back in 1994 and damn, it's good to have them back. You have to expect the unexpected from this duo.  This release see's them toying with the parameters of Liquid Drum and Bass - but tomorrow it could be a chunky slab of DubStep.  Who knows what's around the corner?  But let's not dwell on what might be and take a look at this new release from the boys of dark rhythm.

This DnB mix of CellarHouse's Dark Light is a slice of darkness surrounded by melodic beauty. Is it true Liquid DnB?  probably not - but this track is much more than conforming to a genre of DnB.  Complex beats, cutting synths and silky vocals twist this futuristic DnB groove into something that's going to penetrate your brain and move your feet!

Mark (PressureM) & Jezz Wright have combined their musical histories and styles to produce a track that takes you on a spectacular sonic journey.  Haunting vocals interweave with dark brooding synths and quick step breaks before the second part of the track rips you away from your comfort zone and hooks you into a groove so deep you'll start  believing in the afterlife.

This is a great start from our dynamic duo (last seen briefly with the re-imagining of CeCe Rogers Someday/Liquid's Sweet Harmony in 2017.

"Getting back in the studio after all these years away was an amazing experience" says Mark "I kept nagging Jezz to finish what had been all those years ago, the Sweet Harmony 'demo' released on XL that became the anthem of the 90's rave scene.  We made a brave attempt at bringing out all the old kit that was used in '92 and re-imagining what he would have done, had Liquid finished the 'demo' - in truth, it probably only appealed to the retro rave-spotters out there however, out of that project came a superb mix 'Someday (rethink) and that was when the fire was truly lit. We were back, we were going to take our time, but when we were ready we were going to release some quality beats"

Their mix of CellarHouse's Dark Light certainly doesn't disappoint