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true blockhouse sign with top music aggregators CygnusMusic

We're super excited to announce that we've partnered with this top Gloucester outfit who will exclusively *distribute our tunes world wide.

Release date: 19.09.20

Dan & Lewis have run their Cygnus Music distribution and marketing since 2009 and built up an impressive reputation for fairness and transparency as they compete to become the UK's number one music aggregator.

“We just felt we wanted a British company with a solid reputation for delivering amazing distribution with an impressive portfolio of online store clients" (PressureM)

The deal with Cygnus does not stop True Blockhouse *sub licensing or indeed releasing other artists through other labels. But what it does do is ensue that the label has an amazing distribution partner it can rely on to ensure our music has the best possible chance of being heard.

The first release

The Urban Mods DnB mix of CellarHouse's Dark Light takes this dark-chill track and forces it to conform to the adrenaline vibe of a fast-cut deep drum and bass super-groove. The beats are fast, the synths sore and the vocals provide an abstract menace and yet, it's 'orchestral soundscape' brings a whole new sound to the Liquid DnB genre. It's playing out there now people. This is the first release through Cygnus and will be available through all online music stores

true blockhouse


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