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The Urban Mods return with this barn storming DnB mix

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

It's only taken them 3 yrs to get back in the saddle and produce something worthy of the term 'floor-filler'.

Release date: 31.10.20

To be fair the day job is pretty intense for both these fellas and with only the occasional evening and weekend to spare it's been really important to not rush release any old tune but wait for the right moment to start unleashing their very best work.

Both Mark (pressure M) and Jezz (Blockhouse) are perfectionists which makes finishing a mix a pretty difficult task, but this DnB mix of the yet to be released dark chill number from CellarHouse just nails it.

“Pressure M is one of the best 'producer/editors' out there. He just instinctively knows when something is right and also, unfortunately when something needs a tweak. And we tweak a lot!
But our work flow is now in full flow. Covid-19 Zoom weekends are now the norm and we're loving it. We're producing lots of fresh mixes which take into account our wide and varied dance influences and experiences which makes our work fresh - and not so easy to categorize. But we're ok with that. This mix celebrates our love and respect for DnB. Going forward - expect the unexpected." Jezz

Back in the day Jezz worked with breaks for hard core, break-beat and jungle productions in his east London studio 'blockhouse'. If you like your Liquid DnB with an edge and a nod back to a time when it really was extreme to run your bpm counter at 178 then this tune is for you.

Dark DnB

This DnB mix of CellarHouse's Dark Light takes this dark-chill track and forces it to conform to the adrenaline vibe of a fast-cut deep drum and bass super-groove. The beats are fast, the synths sore and the vocals provide an abstract menace and yet, it's 'orchestral soundscape' brings a whole new sound to the Liquid DnB genre. It's playing out there now people.

true blockhouse

Available everywhere soon.

true blockhouse


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