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Fahia joins the CellarHouse project

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Fahia joins the CellarHouse project

Hailing from Barcelona Fahia has joined the CellarHouse project as lead vocalist. Fahia's distinctive voice has a raw understated emotion which turns each lyric into a biographical story that personally connects the listener to the meaning.

“Fahia was a natural first choice for most of our tracks. An instinctive, talented and beautiful individual who our music was lucky to find"

See the CellarHouse page for more information about releases

CellarHouse || Dark Light

Their first track is scheduled for release on Halloween. A haunting dark-chill track about isolation and everyday anxieties. You can preview the dark-chill mix of the track here in our 'footer' and #TheUrbanMods have released their DnB mix on #Beatport, and all major online stores.

But you'll have to wait until Halloween to experience the original version which blends a 90's trip-hop feel with an 80's synthscape feel. #Fahia has a pure understated soulful voice which cuts through and perfectly compliments the simplicity of the song. true blockhouse.


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