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Invisible Boy : the video release

Just wanted to share with you our new video for our new single Invisible Boy. Talk about not following convention! We've actually released a video for the radio edit of London TWN's mix. The truth is, their extended version has had such a good pre-release reaction with with DJs, we thought, 'why the hell not!?'

We're really excited to share this with you and our new avatar images (which flatter us admittedly :) Feel free to include in any SM postings and hopefully we'll see you in Decentraland soon for more gigs

The video was produced by Magnificent and we're really grateful to all of those who have worked patiently on this new release of ours. We wanted the video to be fun and as funky as the music but also ensure the 'message' continues to push through.

The Invisible Boy EP features 4 mixes of this new track. One remix (and radio edit) by London TWN and another by BIG Apple (both with very different transatlantic flavours)



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