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CellarHouse || Someone Like You

So we're super excited to be announcing the release of our Summer '22 festival single 'Someone Like You'. This is a feel good track, with a hint of old-skool with synth stabs that hammer home the groove whilst a tribal like dance beat takes you to the dance floor.


Someone Like You is released on May 30th 2022 - in time for Festivals, Queen's Diamond Jubilee and any house party that doesn't take itself to seriously.

"With this track we just really wanted to let our hair down and have some fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously and has a really strong commercial vibe. Originally this was written for an a-lister whose people passed on. But that just encouraged us even more to put our own spin on it and release this to the general public ourselves."

The track comes in two flavours: a longer club mix and a radio edit. You choose your preference and dance the days away.

Streaming everywhere. (pre-order here) Find it at a store near you and do spread the word


For all radio DJ download requests & press inquiries please reach out to us via


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