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CellarHouse : more than a 'house' band

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Blogs, magazines and radio stations are starting to shout about the CellarHouse sound.

CellarHouse are starting to cut through as their new track You Give Me Everything gets some serious radio play and press coverage... but who are they and how do fans reach out to this notoriously hard-to-find band?!

So, if you haven't worked it out already, CellarHouse is the house band of this true blockhouse label. They're young but seasoned session musicians who found that, aside from the paid gigs, they actually have a shared love of funky deep, dark house and connected so well on various recording sessions they wanted to explore where a group collaboration could take them.

Getting them together for gigs could be difficult as they span three countries across two continents, however they have been exploring the possibility of virtual gigs with the now accepted e-festivals.

Jezz and BJ have exceptionally busy work schedules which restricts the time they can spend promoting the band, but as BJ points out 'If what we're doing is any good then the music will find its way. First and foremost, we're making music because we're artists with shared influences and a passion for doing what we do. We just don't do social media, Facebook/TikTok? er, no, don't think so! So we'd genuinely prefer if the label spoke for us and announce what we're doing and when. We'll just focus on the music if that's OK. If fans want to connect with us, then that's brilliant, and they can always voice their opinions over @trueblockhouse (Twitter/Instagram - we do check in ;)'

The band plan to follow up the success with You Give Me Everything with a new four track EP late September/early October (date tbc). BJ explains, 'We all wanted to explore the darker side of Deep House and Jezz had written these tracks which seemed to hang together as a collection. They have a late-summer feel to them, so I think when the label suggested the timing of the release, it was cool with us. We'd like to tour the EP and album, which due for a Christmas release, but probably won't get our act together until 2022 - so bands/people/DJs reach out if you'd like us to join your tour :)'

So it looks like the enigma that is CellarHouse remain as shadowy as ever. Mysterious but in some ways incredibly honest - it's not about the image, the tiktok followers, the corporate PR - it's simply about the music and as BJ says, if their tracks do hit the Zeitgeist - 'the music will find its way'.

“Originals at true blockhouse".

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