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All We Need... is right here.

CellarHouse release their third track 'All We Need' from their forthcoming album 'Hard Times' on January 17th 2022.

This is the darker side of CellarHouse with a beautifully haunting vocal over sparse beats and discordant synths.. think Chill and Chilling! That'll give you an idea of what to expect.

The track was inspired by the first UK lock-down when it seemed all human contact was prohibited - however, for many - it just brought us closer to loved ones and perhaps made us realise that all that we need - is right here.

Fahia delivers an incredible vocal whilst the gang underpin the menace with melodies that challenge: deep modulated bass-lines and synthetic textures which allows the percussion (Manuel's wood clave) to beat you over the head with our resounding message of hope :)

So plug in the headphones - turn up the volume and chill-out to a tune that, during these troubled times, reminds us that those closest to us are the ones that matter.

All We Need is available in all music stores and selected curated Spotify playlists January 17th. preview the track on our main page.

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