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The Separation

Killian Wright        

Killian Wright's new album 'The Separation'  is a haunting and complex new soundscape inspired by the Oscar winning film: A Separation.

This is the second in the series in which Killian re-imagines how certain iconic films might sound if they had been given a musical score. 

In this award winning film a married couple are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer's disease.

It is a compelling and also disturbing film which leaves the viewer questioning the wisdom of family loyalties, social and criminal justice and how cultural and religious beliefs influence our sense of fairness and retribution.

"This is the first foreign national film which absolutely held me spell bound.  It is a cinematic masterpiece and I was enthralled by its incredible story telling, direction and leading actors who played their parts so well.  But I couldn't help but wonder, 'could a film score - open up even greater emotional responses?' So I started out writing a simple opening track so see if it felt right - but for the next six months,  I just couldn't stop scoring this film. 


I wanted the score to be minimal and without obvious melodies - to remain unobtrusive and only underpin the emotions you see played out on screen. The score challenges and sometimes feels unstructured but this was deliberate, as I always tried to match the exact visual movements on the screen with audio and musical referencing".

Killian's work on this cinematic score stands alone as a visually unaccompanied soundscape.  This album leads you to places unexpected and takes you on a deeply moving melancholic journey that will inspire and move you.

Killian Wright's The Separation is Killian's second album

(Ten tracks available to stream below - scroll for all)