Cast Away

Killian Wright            

Who hasn't been mesmerized by Tom Hanks' compelling portrayal of a man trapped on a desert island? The drama and suspense of the film owes much to the combined talents of Hanks and Director Robert Zemeckis and the solitude in which the character finds himself in as he battles the elements to escape the island.

Young British composer Killian Wright was captivated by the drama and suspense, but always wondered why a score has never been commissioned. As he was learning his craft and composition skills, he would often imagine how this film might have sounded and toyed with composing several original pieces for key scenes within the film.

Encouraged by the reaction of those who heard and saw these new orchestrated scenes, Killian went on to score the entire film and released the re-imagined soundtrack as a credible stand alone first album.

"Of course seeing the visuals makes so much more sense of the music.  My orchestrations are quirky and mirror the intricacies of the on-screen direction - so without the visuals complementing the score, some may wonder what that stray discordant viola is actually doing there :)  However, I have selected twelve compositions (out of the eighteen that I wrote for the film) for my stand-alone album that  I feel work as set pieces in their own right and hope one day, I may be able to showcase my entire score along with the film (Mr Zemeckis are you listening?) ".

Killian's first album of his 're-imagined' series presents 12 tracks of abstract modern classical film composition.  Melodic orchestral swells with an undercurrent of menace.