Killian Wright

KILLIAN WRIGHT The Separation.jpg

KillIan Wright is a young British soundscape artist who specializes in Film Score and modern abstract Classical/SynthWave composition


This 17-year-old started writing classical pieces on the piano when he was 9 and has since experimented with soundscape construction and scoring for established films that are missing a musical soundtrack.


As part of this re-imagining project Killian completed a new score for the Tom Hanks' film Cast Away which he also released as a stand-alone album in the summer of 2020.

His new 're-imagining' project sees him construct a new score for the Oscar winning Iranian foreign language film A Separation which centres around a married couple who are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer's disease. 


A dark and complex film, the new score respects the sensitivities of this screenplay and Killian's new score, which is also released as a stand-alone album; The Separation, reflects the emotions and turmoil found within this story.

By any account, The Separation is an incredibly accomplished and exciting piece of work. Soundscape and scoring at its finest. Available now in all the major online music stores.

Killian has produced a free download of his Notre Dame EP. This is released under the Creative Commons licence for Royalty-Free sharing and free commercial use. CellarHouse are proud to support this young musician with video production.