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Hard Times

CellarHouse release their debut album comprising of thirteen dark and chilled tracks which showcase their talents as a studio outfit who know how to mix synths, beats and soul. This album is a modern twist to old vibes.

It's been a while in the making. But finally, all becomes clear as our first album 'Hard Times' hits the stores. We were told by so many not to release an album: 'no-one listens to albums any more, it's all about streaming individual tracks!' 'They'll never listen to them in the order you want, it's about their own playlists' Well, let's see. We hope you'll want to lose yourselves for an hour with this album's beautifully sequenced tracks.


Thirteen tracks (plus an extended bonus track) grace this album. It's been a labour of love. Over two years, weekends, family time and evenings sacrificed for love of the groove, the dark overtures of synthetic orchestras and some seriously original vocal treatments. If you're into chilled downtempo electro-house then we think you might have landed in the right place.

Written and recorded during the pandemic, 'Hard Times'  probably mirrors all our hopes, fears and thoughts during this fretful time. But if this sounds too dark, too intense, let us reassure you that the vibe is one of positivity, because making this album was a lot of fun. We paid homage to some early influences and blended genres to defy the all-too-easy categorization of a bands 'sound'.

"I think in the making of this album some old ghosts were laid to rest, unfinished business tied up, positivity restored and former collaborators returned as friends. I'm not sure if we'll ever have the time to make another. None of us are chasing teen-dreams of fame and fortune. It's simply a piece of art that we're proud of, and enjoy listening to ourselves.


Perhaps they'll be other tracks, an EP or two or a remix, and if the world locks-down again, our well rehearsed digital network of Zoom calls, LogicPro screen-shares, social media crowdsourcing and weekend pizza fests will once again form the basis of another project. As to who we are - who cares? Enjoy the music - but feel free to reach out and say hi (and share :) We only express ourselves through our music, and in these days of transient pop culture - isn't that refreshing?"


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CellarHouse formed in 2019 and have spent the last two years in and out of their home studios recording their debut album, Hard Times. The band has a unique sound that's dark, moving and sonically addictive.


The current line-up features an international cast of like-minded creatives. (Norwich (UK), New York & Northern Spain)

Current line-up

Jezz:  keys & production, Fahia & BJ: vocals, Manuel & Ted: sax & horns

Additional production 'Rethink' Mark Wright

Bass Guitar 'Invisible Boy' Raphael Benita