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You Give Me EverythingCellarHouse
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If it's a dark slab of electro-house you're looking for then I'm not sure if they come much fatter than this.  CellarHouse have produced two compulsive mixes of their forthcoming album track, Your Give Me Everything.

Don't bother trying to categorize genres or influences or attempt to make any comparisons. This slow burning smouldering groove just sets you up for a lazy dance beat that penetrates your brain with a mind-bending experience.

Sweeping phazed strings, a 90's bass groove and a nod to the greats of the 80's electro pioneers. The vocal hammers home a hook that cries passion, commitment and devotion.

"We're so proud of these mixes - they don't follow trends and are wildly different from what's currently out there. They take a few listens to penetrate your soul, but then we got you and your ours' CellarHouse :)

CellarHouse formed in 2019 and have spent the last two years in and out of their respective home studios recording their debut album Hard Times due for release very soon. The band has a unique sound that's dark, original and challenging. The current line-up features an international crew from Norfolk (UK), New York and Northern Spain.

CellarHouse: You Give Me Everything is released as a two mix track single on streaming sites everywhere

You Give Me CellarHouse
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