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Should Have Been


Should Have Been (album mCellarHouse
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It's taken two full years for CellarHouse's 'Hard Times' album to be written, mixed, mixed again and then additional club mixes and videos produced to be able to showcase their considerable talents with integrity and respect for the genre.

Here is the first preview from the album: Should Have Been

And what an interesting this first release is.  On first listen it appears to be a simple four-to-the-floor-filler with a positive vibe and some chilled Latin overtures.  However, halfway through, the track starts to reveal a little more about the twisted soundscape that CellarHouse are about to confuse us with.

A massively infectious chugging backbeat and synth bass gives way to a haunting melancholic vocal hook and synthwave pieces which makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

"For our first release we didn't want to reveal too much about ourselves.  We've taken our lead from 80's synth pioneers who often worked up to their best and most revered work by releasing 'teaser singles' well, 'Should Have Been' is ours. It's a little gem on the album that sounds a lot different from this mainly instrumental deep house mix - but we've put this out their to introduce you to us and our sound whilst we add the finishing touches to the album".

CellarHouse formed in 2019 and have spent the last two years in and out of their home studios recording their debut album Hard Times. The band has a unique sound that's dark, moving and incredibly thought-provoking. The current line-up features an international cast of like-minded creatives. (Norwich (UK), New York & Northern Spain)

CellarHouse: Should Have Been is released as a one track single