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Invisible Boy


With this track, Cellarhouse start to reveal a little bit more about the shape of their album with their first song release (as opposed to previously released dance mixes)This is the starting point for the direction the rest of the album will follow.

Over the last few months - despite no live appearances and extremely little press or publicity - CellarHouse have started to develop a small but very loyal band of followers, with many UK and NY net-based R&B and Dance stations picking up their tracks. This new release will widen their appeal further and start to shine a light on the social conscience that is at the beating heart of this quartet. 

This is properly old skool and harks back to a time when music could speak its mind and stand up for those who couldn't. The radio edit is very different from the two House mixes - but the roots and inspirations for all three can be traced back to those early Sugarhouse/Prince/Brit Funk/D-Train years.

You might not pick up on the lyric if your introduction to this track is through the House mixes but, there's a tough, uncompromising social message behind this song that the band felt was really important to explore. Who needs another love song anyway!!?

"The track is about people's general indifference to those living on the streets and their often wrong assumptions as to who these people are, and how they got there. It's a tough track to listen to as it's from the perspective of the ignorant person walking past a homeless person.  But the message is an powerful one. Contemporary R&B, Dance and Pop no longer speaks out on behalf of those who need a voice. So we're happy to shout louder than most. All proceeds will go to Shelter - a UK homeless charity. Keeping warm this winter will be toughest on those that have nothing"

CellarHouse formed in 2019 and have spent the last two years in and out of their respective home studios recording their debut album Hard Times due for release in 2022. The band has a unique sound that's dark, original and challenging. The current line-up features an international crew from Norfolk (UK), New York and Northern Spain.

CellarHouse: Invisible Boy is released as a four track EP on music download & streaming sites everywhere

Radio DJ's can request radio friendly edits directly from us. Spread the word.