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All We Need


All We NeedCellarHouse
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This is closer to the edge than we've ventured before. A brooding, dark slice of downtempo with a gently relentlessly repetitive beat, understated vocal and distorted melodic synth melodies that either plays to your deepest fears, or lifts you as the track implores you to realise that what you already have is all that you really need.

Here is the forth preview from our forthcoming album: Hard Times

Written and recorded during the first lock-down, it's a stark reminder that when everything else falls away; when the material things in life look shaky, what remains solid are the lovers, partners, friends and family that surround you. 'All we need - is right here'.

It strikes a defiant tone. Don't believe the hype.  We really don't need all this stuff. If it all disappeared tomorrow - that's OK - because we have what we need -right here.

"It's the darker side of the album - uncompromising and decidedly downtempo, bare bones and hypnotic, The bass drum kicks like a mule and the wood clave hits you over the head as if trying to drum the message directly into your skull. Jezz's manic synth line at the end provides a discordant counter melody that will either excite and inspire, or have you calling home to your mom. As always, Fahia hits the right note". CellarHouse

CellarHouse formed in 2019 and have spent the last two years in and out of their home studios recording their debut album, Hard Times. The band has a unique sound that's dark, moving and incredibly thought-provoking. The current line-up features an international cast of like-minded creatives. (Norwich (UK), New York & Northern Spain)

CellarHouse: All We Need is released on 17th January 2022